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The Knowledge Brokers’ Forum (KBF) is a collaborative space to promote knowledge sharing and dissemination around intermediary work in international development.

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Linda Nicolson has shared this very interesting new position with the Government of Ontario: https://www.gojobs.gov.on.ca/Preview.aspx?JobID=81357

Posted by Peter Levesque • 8 days ago • View comments

Meeting in Bogota

Hello Forum, I am travelling to Bogota, Columbia next week.  After searching the site using the little box below, I did not find any active conversations from Bogota.  However, on the off chance that there are members from Bogota or you know of [...]

Posted by Peter Levesque • 10 days ago • View comments

comms assistant job at LSHTM

Dear KBF members, I hope you will share this opportunity - details below - particularly with London-based colleagues. The position is with a sister consortium at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, working on health system research. Ma [...]

Posted by Annie Holmes • 42 days ago • View comments

The Light House of Hill : To Flourish Properly, Needs People Participa

Very nice shiny morning. The hills show their natural beauty. Suddenly clouds have come and surrounded the whole area. After ten minutes, clouds have gone and everything gets clearly visible. It seems that the hilly area flourishing itself newly. Very nic [...]

Posted by Suman Chowdhury Mony • 45 days ago • View comments

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